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Relationship Check-up

Not sure you want to commit to couples/marriage therapy?  Maybe you know your relationship could be better, but most of the time it’s okay. Maybe you’re not ready to commit to a lengthy assessment and weekly therapy.  Take my Relationship Check-Up and get valuable insight into the areas of your relationship that need the most attention.  

My Relationship Check-Up utilizes the Nationally recognized, validated and reliable online Prepare-Enrich (P/E) (www.prepare-enrich.com) assessment tool customized for the particular aspects of your relationship. Entering basic demographic information, the P/E assessment will create a customized report specific to your relationship. The P/E assessment has been tested with over 4 million multiculturally diverse couples nationwide.

Here is what the Prepare-Enrich assessment can offer you: “The P/E assessment covers various areas within the relationship including communication, conflict resolution, finances, and spiritual beliefs.  In addition, the assessment will explore your personality, family of origin, and relationship dynamics.  Over 30 customized categories, such as previous marriage and expecting a child, ensure your experience with your results will feel accurate and relevant to your relationship.”

The P/E assessment is available online and takes less than an hour to complete.  As a trained Prepare-Enrich facilitator I will provide you with an access code that will allow you to log-in and complete the assessment online. You and your partner will take the assessment independently in your home and at your convenience. Once you complete the P/E assessment I will receive a copy of your results.

The cost of my Relationship Check-Up  is $99* and includes the online P/E assessment (a $35 value), a printed copy of your assessment results, a 30-minute session in my office reviewing your results, and worksheets for you to take home with exercises and conversations to work on the specific areas of your relationship that need attention.

Contact me today to request a Relationship Check-Up.  After the Check-Up if you would like more time with me to discuss specific areas of concern, or to discuss your assessment results in more detail, additional sessions can be scheduled.  Regular rates and insurances apply to additional sessions.

“The results of an assessment provide insights to your relationship.  Research has shown the act of taking the P/E assessment improves relationship quality and brings increased awareness across multiple aspects of the relationship.” https://www.prepare-enrich.com/

*not covered by insurance.  You may use your HSA or MSA for this cost.